How to Delete a Property in Google Analytics

Once you have opted for privacy-friendly analytics or simply for a tidy-up, you might want to delete properties from your Google Analytics (GA). Below is a step-by-step guide on how to delete a site in Google Analytics.

  1. Navigate to Google Analytics. This should automatically select your first website. Click on the admin icon in the bottom left:


  2. Select the property or site to delete:


  3. Select "Property Settings" below the property you've just selected:


  4. Move the Google Analytics site to the rubbish bin with "Move to Rubbish Bin":


    And confirm the action:


  5. The site will finally be deleted around one month (35 days) after moving it to the rubbish bin. If you want to restore it you can do it so here:


Done! #

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. In small steps to great results!

I hope you are picking a privacy-friendly analytics solution and opting out of large tech tracking us!

If you are undecided, here is again the list of privacy-friendly analytics solutions mentioned in the intro! I've also built a few integrations for various VuePress installations:

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