How to Remove a Property from Google Search Console

Projects come to an end and you have to clean up now and then. In this case, you need to manage (remove) your property in Google Search Console too. Here is a guide for how to remove a Google Search Console property from your Search Console list.

We start at the Google Search Console view of the project to remove:

Google Search Console Homepage

Make sure to select the property in question. Otherwise you might end up losing access to Search Console data for the wrong project. If you haven't selected the project to remove, you can do it here:

Select Website

Afterwards, scroll to the end of the sidebar navigation:

Search Console Website Settings

Here you find the remove option:

"Remove Property" Button in GSC

One more confirmation to make sure you really want to delete the Search Console property:

Google Search Console confirmation before deleting website

After this, your property should be removed immediately. If needed, you can add your property again later on. You should able to remove properties you are the verified owner of as well as non-verified properties.

External Services using Google Search Console #

A few words on external services which require Search Console access. Each vendor handles these project lifecycle events differently. In general, if a service requires access to your Search Console properties (or any other external services) it should handle removing access or the property gracefully. This usually means deactivating or deleting these from their databases.

In the case of my SEO services using Search Console - PageExplorer and RankLetter - both do so. You don't need to take any additional steps. If anything should not work as expected, please get in touch.

Done! #

A few steps and a few minutes later, you have tidied up your Search Console. If you also need to remove your Google Analytics I have got you covered.


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